10 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

Updating your resume is not the only solution to speeding up your job search. Finding the 480474317right recruiter to help you through the process is a great step, but there are things each candidate needs to do in order to be better represented. Caroline Ceniza-Levine understands that there are many tips out there for job seekers, however, the tips she has to share, “build on each other and support the answer to ‘Why should an employer hire you?’ And that’s a question job seekers must answer confidently and convincingly.”

Jot down the 10 things Levine suggests you work on to help drive your job search:

  1. Social Media Profile – When you update your resume, update your online profiles as well.
  2. Social Media Activity – Update your status, post an interesting article related to your line of work, make a comment that showcases your professional expertise.
  3. Headshot – You don’t need a professional to take your photo, but you do need a professional-looking photo.
  4. Cover Letter – It enables you to highlight your most relevant and compelling facts.
  5. Cover Email – A cover email is like a cover letter in that it highlights the best, explains away any red flags and makes a compelling case—but it has to do this in a fraction of the space.
  6. 20-second Pitch – When you meet someone, you need to introduce yourself. What you say is part of how you market yourself.
  7. 2-minute Pitch – This is enough time to give the arc of your career, as well as highlight key accomplishments.
  8. Your Pitch for Someone Else to Use – Using your cover email and 20-second pitch, be ready with a version in the third person that someone can use to introduce you.
  9. Portfolio – Every professional can showcase their work in some way. A visual, tangible example is so much more powerful than a wordy explanation.
  10. Personal website – You can pull all of these items together—social profile, social updates, headshot, short introduction, portfolio, and resume—in a personal website branded with your name. You can list your URL on your business card and résumé to point employers to additional information.