Are Attractive People More Successful at Job Interviews?

business mirrorThis is something all of us have previously suspected, right? Well, whether you like it or not, a recent survey does say that this is true in today’s era. While skills do matter, your looks are given equal attention, and as long as you are pretty or good looking, there is quite a good chance that you will be successful in the interview.

This study has been conducted by some university students who sent out over 10,000 CVs to test the age old belief. The resumes were exactly the same; the only changes were the names, pictures and the contact details. These researchers took some photos from the internet and changed them so that the people could not be recognized. After this, they asked about a 100 people which photos were attractive and which were not. The resultant classification was one with which 92% of the people agreed.

According to the survey, the average rate of callback was around 30% for all the resumes. However, for attractive women, it was a lot higher and was observed at 54%. Similarly, attractive men had a callback rate of 47% which was also higher than the average. This was followed by unattractive men who had a callback rate of 26% and unattractive women had the lowest callback rate at 7%.

There have been other studies as well that conclude pretty much the same results. Attractive people are hired quickly and get promoted rapidly as well. Their salaries are also better and their career progresses at a good pace.

If you analyze the current hiring practices more closely, you would actually not be surprised with the results. LinkedIn can get you a good job, and every candidate has a picture on their profile. Before you actually appear for the interview, the interviewers do browse through your social networking profile and gain more information about you.

So are the results alarming for you or do you like them? That depends on your perspective, but if you ask us, we would tell you that while looks may not grant you sure shot success, they still improve your chances. Your skills do matter, but the way you look, the way you carry yourself and the way you present yourself also matter. You may not be able to change your looks, but you can still appear professional and clean. Good luck with your next interview.


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