Ever Wonder What Hiring Managers Are Thinking?

Hiring managers are known for their poker faces and judgmental appraisal while you’re sweating bullets in the interview hot seat. Want a better idea of what interviewers are probably thinking but don’t say? Here are a few common areas of assessment that any job seeker can avoid if prepared for it.

“Are you always late like this?”

Showing up late to an interview is not a good way to start an interview. Typically it leaves hiring managers questioning if you are always late and sometimes questioning how much you actually want this position.

Solution: Plan for double the travel time you actually need. Showing up early is better than late.

“Do you usually dress like that?”

Interviewing in less than professional attire could give hiring authorities the impression you aren’t professional enough or taking this position seriously.

Solution: “Dress for the job you want.” Even if your daily attire may be more casual, it’s better to dress up rather than down for any interview.

“Are you going to jump ship?”

hiring managersWhen there are positions on your resume that you have held for less than a year at a company the first thing most interviewers are going to ask themselves is if you are going to truly commit to this job long-term.

Solution: Be prepared to overcome these obstacles. No need to draw unnecessary attention to it but be prepared to quickly explain your career aspirations and be able to put “the hiring manager’s mind at ease.”


Source: http://news.yahoo.com/6-things-hiring-managers-think-145012868.html


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