How to Crush It at Your New Job

Starting a new job comes with a whirlwind of emotions. You want to make sure you are 162277415understanding your new role and executing your tasks all while trying to make new friends and establish rapport with your bosses. It’s not an easy task to juggle all of those things! Neil Blumenthal shares a few tips on how stay on top of everything:

  • Remember names – Be sure to write down names of everyone you come in contact with; put it in your phone if it’s easier for you.
  • Ask questions. But ask the right questions – It’s always a good thing to ask questions or ask for clarification, but just be sure your questions are thoughtful and you don’t already have the answers in front of you!
  • Learn your company’s org structure – This is vital to understand not only so you don’t get yourself in hot water, but so you can understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Deliver a quick win – If an opportunities arises that you can successfully complete, regardless if the task is small or large, be sure to complete it to score a quick win!

What are some tips you would share to score big at a new job?