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human rescorcesThere is no doubt that the job market has experienced a significant amount of turbulence in the 21st Century and the future is uncertain as far as the job situation is concerned. Many jobs are on the chopping block. Sadly, the human resource profession is not exempt from this debacle.  HR practitioners are, at one and the same time, both the most and least able to manage their own careers. They are responsible for acquiring and managing their organization’s talent, but discharging that responsibility leaves precious little time for them to take care of themselves. They spend all day, every day working to advance the careers of their coworkers, yet often feel guilty about tending to their personal professional well-being. It is without a doubt a dilemma for them because the success of those they hire directly contributes to their own success.

Corporate America”, in their zest to downsize, is looking at human resources as overhead. When HR professionals care for their own careers, they acquire a better understanding of how to help others care for theirs. They gain the knowledge and the experience to provide the best possible counsel to coworkers. It is hopeful that the current economic crisis will eventually be resolved, but the 21st Century world of work will always be a turbulent and challenging environment. Being prepared, therefore, is the only prudent way to protect oneself from career implosion. It has become imperative for human resource professionals to take charge of their own career.

Human resource managers need to maintain passion for their job.  They have to be energized daily.  Their job incentives need to keep them revitalized on a physical and psychological level. They need to continuously improve and find resourceful and innovative ways to create a need for their status in their workplace. They have to be versatile and adapt to the personalities of many. They must find ways to keep those they hire fully productive and enthusiastic about what they are achieving in their professional careers. They must maintain professionalism at all times. They must be prepared to reset and redefine goals as needed to move a company and its employees forward. Simply put, a human resource professional must be a visionary. But, at the same time, they must have a profound willingness to adapt.

Just as many do cardio to strengthen their circulatory system; human resource professionals must continuously seek a wider and deeper network of contacts. Nurturing professional relationships has to be a daily routine. A good HR person surrounds themselves with “winners”. Winning ways are contagious and can have many positive outcomes for a company in the 21st Century.

A commitment to the community has become an essential part of the workplace. It regenerates pride and enthusiasm. The economic value of truly superior talent is profound. There is no doubt that it encourages more productivity.

Each of us is individually responsible for the well-being of our own career; and we must work at strengthening and protecting the health of our career every single day.

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