January’s Job Market Was Even Better Than You Think

We keep hearing about the job market getting better, but we can’t really picture how well it 186595560truly is doing until we see the numbers. “The 257,000 jobs added in January followed a 329,000 reading in December and a 423,000 in November that were bigger than the Bureau of Labor Statistics initially reported,” shares Nina Glinski. She goes on to say, “The revisions added a whopping 147,000 jobs in those two months, bringing the three-month average to a little more than 336,000.” This was the biggest three-month gain in 17 years!

What do these numbers mean to us? Well, the good news is more Americans are entering the labor force because there are more employment opportunities. More employment opportunities means that the economy is doing better. And when the economy is doing better, well, then we are all happy and spending more!

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-06/january-s-job-market-was-even-better-than-you-think