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This year, there are several other professions that are making their inaugural appearance on the Jobs Rated Top 10 Best Jobs list. Human Resources Manager, Financial Planner, Occupational Therapist and Online Advertising Manager are all rated as a Top 10 Best Job for the first time due to a combination of high incomes, great environments, good job growth and relatively low unemployment rates.

Human Resource Managers have decent income levels with relatively low physical demands and most often a very safe work environment.  Every organization has a need for a Human Resource Manager.  While they are frequently called upon to make sure that the needs of the employee are synchronized with company goals but most agree it is a very rewarding position.

With the increase in digital computing demands and healthcare needs, it makes sense that most of the professions on the Best Jobs list this year are related to the fields of math, science and healthcare. The nursing profession will almost always have great hiring opportunity because of its expanse (from pediatric care to geriatric care, and everything in between). And as a substantial chunk of our population ages, the necessity for qualified RNs intensifies. There is also a growing need for physical and occupational therapists in today’s job market.

Financial planners provide guidance on how to spend and save your money.  Latest job numbers estimate that there will be up to 70,000 openings in this field during the next decade.

As the world changes, so does the job market.  The job market will be constantly evolving with the changing needs of society. But there is a constant in 2012, if your job is related to technology, human resources, or the medical field; you are in a good place.

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