Managers Boast Best Work Engagement

employee engagement

“Managers and executives [who are] Engaged in their jobs — meaning they are deeply involved in and enthusiastic about their work and actively contributing to their organization.” – Gallup

Engaged Employees:

  • Involved in and enthusiastic about their work

Not Engaged Employees:

  • May be satisfied but are not emotionally connected to their workplaces
  • Less likely to put in discretionary effort

Actively Disengaged Employees:

  • Emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace
  • Jeopardize their teams’ performance

employee engagement

Research has found that companies with engaged employees are far more likely to be actively hiring than are others. According to Gallup this hiring increase appears to be at least partly related to the higher level of engagement among managers and executives in these companies. There is a proven strong relationship between employees’ workplace engagement and their respective companies’ overall performance.

 “Increasing the number of engaged leaders and managers in the U.S. workforce is more likely to inject hope and stability into their teams.”