Manufacturing Sector Booms

manufacturing jobsDid you just graduate and obtain a degree related to the manufacturing sector? Well, you are in luck; you’re going to love the news that we have to share.

Houston has often been in the news because of its manufacturing sector that has been going strong ever since the region rebounded back from the recession. According to the latest news, Houston is not the only place where the manufacturing sector is enjoying an upsurge; this can actually be said for the entire country. Even without relocating, you can still acquire a good job.

Since the post-recession period, stats of employment as well as exports are on the rise. Ever since the year 2010, over 550,000 jobs have been added to the market. Similarly, exports have also increased by 38% since 2009.

Perhaps the prime reason behind these improved numbers is the fact that the manufacturing industry is now utilizing advanced and more efficient production technologies. All these methods can be implemented with perfection only when the staff is skilled in engineering, science, technology, and math. Though there are many candidates, true talent is always a rarity, and so employers have to do well with the ones that they can find.

According to the stats, there are almost 600,000 open positions in the manufacturing industry that yet have not been filled only because employers have failed in finding the skills they required. Assuming this goes on for prolonged periods, there is a good chance that the production cycles will be affected. For the applicants, this is indeed great news; if you are one, apply for these positions, and try your luck.

Looking at things from a manufacturer’s perspective, finding skilled individuals is one of the biggest challenges that they have had to face so far. In fact, these companies require new staff so badly that they actually have decided to initiate a training program. Unskilled individuals are hired and then are coached so they become apt with the demands of the employers.

The industry experts believe that a better approach to this problem can be to train candidates at university level. Not only will this improve their hiring chances, but things will ease up for employers as well.


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