Things that the HR Dept Never Reveals

gossipAre you searching for a new job? If this so, prepare to meet a lot of HR representatives. Are they against you or are they with you? That depends on the perspective you consider. HR people will always have a lot of information for you about the recruitment process, but no matter which firm it is, there are a number of things they will never tell you. However, we would love to share some interesting facts with you.

HR Really Wishes You Are the Right Fit

Recruitment professionals always want to find a suitable candidate for a position in the most efficient of ways. If you are good enough, they badly want to hire you because no one feels like going through rigorous procedures when it is not really necessary. If you clear the initial test or the screening interview, there is a very good chance you can make it till the end.

HR Hires More through Referrals

Do you have a referral at a prestigious firm? Ask them to help you out. There are so many positions that are not even advertised. A survey conducted by a prestigious recruitment firm evaluated that almost 25% of all hiring is done through referral programs. Opt for these and you can increase your hiring chances by as much as four times as predicted b y the survey.

Instead of searching for new jobs, reach out and get connected to people from various industries.

HR Likes To Fill Up Most Positions with Internal Candidates

The survey estimates this percentage to be around 42%, which is quite high. Among the jobs that do get advertised, most of them are just a formality. The recruitment managers have already selected internal candidates and will most probably hire them instead of appointing external applicants. Yeah, we know this is not nice, which is why we suggest you build relationships and focus on networking to give yourself a better chance of getting a job.

HR Does Not Like Desperate People

There is a very fine line between appearing keen for the job and appearing desperate. The minute you step a toe across, you can forget about the job. While it is okay to follow up after an interview, make sure you do not do it until after a couple of days have passed.


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