Want to Get Ahead in your Career? Stop Doing This!

stop signYou want to get ahead in your career, want more opportunities for yourself, want to reach that six figure salary as fast as you can and get promoted to that high profile position. All of this you will be able to achieve if you are determined and motivated. But is there any way to make things easier?

We talked to some industry experts and they advised us that the best way to get ahead in your career is to stop a few practices. Because of these things, so many people fail to reach where they want to be or do not reach it quickly enough.

Never let anyone guess

So you have problems voicing your opinion or anything else that you want to say for that matter. Do this and you will be forcing everyone to guess. What happens? Most of them guess incorrectly and you get frustrated in return. In many offices, conflicts and frustrations arise because needs and expectations are not voiced out. So say out loud what you want to happen. You want a raise or you want to work on that project? Speak up and your request might actually be adhered to. And if you do not, no one will be able to read your mind.

Skip waiting to achieve progress

Progress will never come to you, until you start taking steps forward. What do you want to do? Polish your skills or improve your qualifications? As small as the steps may be, start taking them and you will progress ahead. But if you do not do anything about it, then it’s never going to happen.

Do not follow what others define success to be

For every single person, success has a different definition and what applies to others, may not apply to you.  The manner in which they see success may not be how you see it. So instead of working towards their definition of success, create your own version. Formulate your own terms for success and start making efforts to achieve them. Only then, will you be truly satisfied with your professional life.

Avoid distractions

What are your career goals and how do you plan to achieve them? Make sure everything you do is aligned with this. Saying yes is so easy than refusing, but if something does not help you with your professional goals or at least some parts of them, there is not much point in doing it.

Source: www.aol.com

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