Winning without Whining

office perks2012 was a great year for recruiting. The social media has played an important role. Technology and the social media are evolving by the minute.  Some apsects of the social media changed professional recruiting drastically, taking it to an entirely new level. Some aspects of the social media, however, did not attach to job recruiting.  Pinterest turned out not to have too much impact on job recruiting.  The future of this dynamic remains to be seen.  At this point, Pinterest does not offer too much in the way of landing a job. That does not mean that will be true in 2013.  Things are changing rapidly in the world of social media. Mobile recruiting is on the rise but still is moving at a snail’s pace. There needs to be some improvement in the implementation of it.  Many companies have not bought into the idea of mobile recruiting yet. The concept of Talent Communities has failed.  It has been inaccurately identified and represented. Those signing up for a job alert have reported disappointing results.  There have been aspects of the social media, however, that have propelled job recruiting to a different level.

If you are one of the nearly 15 million people who are currently unemployed, you have most likely tried as many aspects of the social media as possible. It is discouraging to look for work month after month without any results. But people ARE finding jobs. What are they doing that leads them to successful job procurement?  Those who have found work successfully recommend several strategies. Many have found Twitter to be quite useful in the search for a job. Companies have been dissatisfied with the traditional job posting methods.  It seems that many unqualified job candidates apply to these ads, so it results in a tremendous waste of time. Traditional methods can be costly, too. Posting a job on Twitter is quick and the responses appear to be more authentic. Companies using social media to post jobs are growing in numbers. It allows the employer to have a brief, initial conversation with a perspective candidate.  It is easier than wading through hundreds of cover letters. Interests can be piqued quickly and thus, cuts down on the screening out process.

Many job candidates have expressed the failure of sending out numerous resumes.  Some candidates have successfully created blogs that identifies an extensive network.  Many things can be learned about a job candidate by viewing a blog. A blog can show your ability to interact with others and your ability to organize your thoughts and write. There are not many jobs that do not desire that ability from an employee.

There are some helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to social media. If you are not sure how you feel about Twitter, it is okay to pick people to follow and just hang around and listen. Do not expect that once you jump in to have responses for a while — it takes time to build relationships. Rushing may be seen as stalking. Even if you have been searching for a job for a long time, do not whine. Do not complain about your current job if you have one.  You do not want to appear needy.

Listen carefully to the advice of those who have successfully navigated the social media strategies of landing a job.  Social media is the wave of the future.  Jumping on board may lead to a successful job search.

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