Announcing New Joint Partnership Forming the Next Level Institute


Announcing New Joint Partnership Forming the Next Level Institute

Dallas, Texas - 4/3/2012:

What does it take to become a leader of case managers in 2011? Nursing and social work skills in depth, a knack for finance and systems, interpersonal skills, and a rare combination of sensitivity to patient needs and the thick skin sometimes required to advocate for the protection of those patients. And, now more than ever, managers of case managers must possess a finely honed ability to balance the ethical imperative to provide top-quality care with the financial imperatives of hospitals undergoing rapid change.
Given the financial strains wrought by macroeconomic malaise and health-care reform, there’s no way around it: To move up in a hospital case-management department, “a clinical case manager needs to understand business aspects of delivering services,” says Cheri Lattimer, RN, BSN, executive director of the Case Management Society of America.
Still, leaders in case management must remain deeply involved in their clinical calling. “Hospital executives don’t want someone who will sit at her desk all day,” says John Fulcher, director of health-care recruiting for Bauer Consulting Group in El Paso, Texas. “One of my clients who’s a director of case management has to go on rounds every day.”
There is no certain path to promotion in a case-management department, but there are diverse possibilities. “There are a few different routes to management,” says Brad Ellis, health-care division leader for recruiter Kaye/Bassman International in Plano, Texas. “It can be long tenure and superior performance in case management, or becoming an expert in a particular health-care IT system, or certifications in different areas. But you need a nursing background; social work alone doesn’t cut it anymore.”
Due to the explosive growth of the Next Level Exchange, a collaborative portal that brings together the best practices of recruitment training from around the globe, NLE is proud to announce a joint partnership with the newly formed Next Level Institute led by founding Chairman Tony Dickel. The success of theNext Level Exchange is predicated on visionary thinking backed by the support of dozens of renowned industry trainers, hundreds of executive search firm owners, and thousands of recruiters hailing from around the globe. 


“With clients in over forty countries around the world, we realized the incredible need throughout Asia for recruitment training specific to the Asian market. When evaluating who was best suited to lead our drive into Asia, there was no question that Tony Dickel, who we have known for many years, has a unique track record of success as a leader in the recruiting industry which makes this a natural partnership,” said Jeff Kaye, Chief Executive Officer of Next Level Exchange. 

Dickel founded the MRI China Group in 1998 in Hong Kong and proceeded to build a multi-site multinational search organization employing nearly 300 people working out of 11 offices in 6 countries around Asia.   In the last several years he also moved into the leadership development, training and coaching world, developing and mentoring leaders inside and outside the recruitment industry, prior to founding the Next Level Institute.  

Dickel stated, “The partnership between Next Level Exchange and Next Level Institute achieves a new industry standard for search firm owners and executive recruiters in the region desiring the latest in sophisticated approaches, fresh perspectives, and innovative methodologies. We are thrilled to be able to offer throughout Asia numerous programs designed to captivate and educate both the new and tenured recruiter, varying from streaming videos on-demand, live workshops, and distance-based mastery courses, all designed, tailored for or relevant to the region.”  


Founded by a mission to dramatically change the recruiting industry by elevating the competencies and capabilities of recruitment professionals around the globe, Next Level Exchange and Next Level Institute are synonymous with delivering proven best practices, training, consulting, and marketing solutions specifically designed for the search and staffing industry. Global relevancy comes from the compilation of tenured producers, excellent leaders and recognized recruiting trainers who come from a variety of backgrounds, niches, styles, cultures, and personalities – each of them with a proven, referencable and quantifiable track record of success in the recruitment industry.

To secure your FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL to the entire 20+ hours of on-demand Foundation Training, 60+ hours of streaming NLE TV Episodes, and the entire Next Level Library, click here for immediate access.


About Kaye/Bassman
Founded in 1981, Kaye/Bassman has grown to become the largest single-site executive search and recruitment firm in the United States with the simple mission of impacting companies and enhancing careers by providing the finest in professional, executive, technical and scientific search. Kaye/Bassman provides strategic recruiting and executive search solutions in over 20 industry practice areas including construction recruiting, healthcare recruiting, banking executive search, energy recruitment and many more.  Next Level Recruiting Training, a recruiting training organization, Next Level Exchange, a recruiting training best practices information exchange, and Next Level Marketing Communications are also Kaye/Bassman companies.

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