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Client Focused Search

Finding and placing talent is part of achieving strategic objectives, not an end in itself. That’s why we never lose sight of how a search fits within your overall mission. Our Client Focused™ Search is a patented part of our business model because it enables us to serve you in the specific ways that contribute to your goals.

Instead of a formulaic search process, you’ll receive the exact level of support you need, from a single engagement to fill a few positions to large-term retainer arrangements that ensure you are identifying and acquiring the best talent at all times.

Whether your project is a one-time placement or an ongoing initiative, our consultants work as an extension of your team. We offer consultative guidance to align talent acquisition with your strategic goals. We take pride in taking on your vision and your goals as if they were our own.

As a client, your needs are at the center of everything we do. You benefit from the flexibility of a process, relationship and terms built around your unique requirements.