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Market Mastery

Finding the right candidate goes far beyond understanding a job description and knowing the latest hiring practices. It takes deep knowledge of your field, the functional requirements of each position and even geographic factors that influence the role and your team’s culture.

That’s why Kaye/Bassman has perfected our patented Market Mastery™ methodology. It is a specialization approach that enables us to excel and outpace the competition in every search.

We align dedicated teams to the specific needs of each market. Comprised of managing partners, search consultants, project professionals and research staff, these teams know the best approach to help you find the top talent in your industry. And these specialists have the background, training and experience to get results on three fronts:

  1. Industry Expertise

Our experts fully understand the nuances of highly specialized industry practices. They are committed to staying ahead of the trends, the innovations and the disruptive technologies that shape the capabilities needed to drive industry leadership.


  1. Job Function Expertise

Our staff consists of people who understand the visionary aspirations and the daily responsibilities associated with specific job functions. They know the technical skill sets as well as personality traits that ensure success in particular roles and organizational structures.


  1. Geographic Expertise

For searches that require geographic knowledge to find the best candidates, we assign search consultants with regional expertise who know the regulations, the competitive landscape and the key players in a particular city or area.


Specialization takes a higher degree of commitment, but it is one of the key competitive advantages that Kaye/Bassman delivers to help you build a winning team.