Mark Foutz

 Mark Foutz - Search Consultant Academic Medicine Kaye/Bassman
Associate Partner

Mark Foutz joined Kaye/Bassman in 2018 as the lead Search Consultant for the Academic Medicine & Leadership Practice and Hematology/Oncology Practice and brings more than 16 years’ experience in the academic healthcare search industry. His focus has been on a wide range of specialties, from Pharmacy and Therapy to Hospital-Based Medicine and Academics. As the former Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Companies, Mark developed clientele in a five-state region in the Midwest and Upper Midwest where he not only secured new contracts with hospital systems and multi-specialty groups, but was also in charge of managing the recruiting process for his client’s and his firm. Prior to that, Mark spent over seven years marketing medical staff services in the Western United States region, holding the all-time record at one firm of $750,000 in marketing revenue.

Mark has always had a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. He started his career in sales in 1985, while studying economics and psychology at the University of Minnesota. His first job was selling software for the Commodore 64. He spent the next decade in the auto industry and was responsible for the sale of over $2 million in custom van and truck products to domestic dealers in the Texas region.

Mark then moved into a role in the food industry where he brokered manufactured foods to such high-profile clients as Starbucks Coffee Company and 7-Eleven. After joining the medical search industry in early 2005, Mark, in his first year, earned Rookie of the Year then went on to receive Marketer of the Year twice and Marketer of the Month more than three dozen times during his tenure. Mark’s strong work ethic and communication style sets him apart from other recruiters. In addition, candidates find him genuine and a true resource in their search for career growth.

His familiarity and experience within the medical search realm give Mark the tools needed to successfully help his clients acquire the finest faculty and leadership in the industry, as well as the expertise needed to assist his candidates in finding the best organizations to work for.

Mark can be reached at (972) 265-5369 or by email [email protected] 
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