Eric Dickerson, Kaye/Bassman’s Managing Director Featured in PreCheck

Kaye/Bassman’s Managing Director Eric Dickerson Featured in PreCheck, What Makes a Successful Healthcare Talent Management Strategy?

Eric Dickerson, Kaye/Bassman's Managing Director Featured in PreCheck








By Bryan Barajas

Dallas, TX | Posted March 28, 2016

A strong talent management strategy is essential to achieving your healthcare organization’s mission.

When you hire, promote, develop and compensate in a way that matches your mission, you’ll build alignment across departments and levels. It’s possible to manage these factors piecemeal, but without an overarching understanding of your organization’s culture and mission, the different pieces won’t fit together well, says Eric Dickerson, Managing Director at Kaye/Bassman International, where he oversees recruiting in academic medicine.

Here’s how to build a strong talent management strategy that upholds and strengthens your mission.

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