Kaye/Bassman’s Managing Director Eric Dickerson featured in the Advanced Healthcare Network, tackling the self-evaluation

Self EvaluationKaye/Bassman’s Managing Director Eric Dickerson Featured in the Advance Healthcare Network, Tackling the Self-Evaluation

Dallas, TX | 9/30/2015

By Rebecca Mayer Knutsen

The annual self-evaluation is one of the most dreaded workplace requirements, mainly because employees wait until the last minute and wind up cobbling together disparate pieces of information. With some forethought and a greater understanding of your role, this task will be a breeze.

According to Eric Dickerson, managing director at Kaye/Bassman International Corp., preparation for your self-evaluation begins the minute you wrap up last year’s self-evaluation. With this approach, he explained, you won’t be caught off guard the next time your manager asks for your assessment. Instead, you will be thrilled to share your contributions to the organization.

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