10 Signs You Need a New Job

10 Signs You Need a New Job

Human population will wait around until they have been dragged, kicked and buried in the muddy waters of an undeserving job to realize the grass IS greener on the other side. If you feel your current job is described by anyone one of these top ten signed, you should give Eric a call. NOW! Why waste one more day unhappy when there is a perfect job match out there just waiting for you to give it a call.

1. They don’t tell you what’s going on.

2. You keep doing the same thing over and over.

3. That’s okay, you don’t have to thank me.

4. How dare you have an idea?

5. Something does not compute.

6. You’re in the Personal Growth Desert.

7. This rock is getting kinda heavy.

8. I like a good shipwreck as much as the next person, but…

9. You work for slimebags.

10. Your body says “Go.”

At the end of a long day your job should leave you feeling satisfied, challenged and rewarded. There is more to life than work, but as they say, if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.

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