How to Secure a Job without Having the Exact Set of Requirements

bulls eyeWhile searching around for job openings did you view the job description?  We are certain that no matter which openings you consider, the list of requirements will be extensively long, and they just seem to be getting longer. Should you be worried about this or can you ignore? Actually, it is the former; employers are now getting pickier than ever and want to find perfectly ideal candidates for the jobs. Since there are so many requirements, it’s no surprise that you might not fit their criteria. In such a situation, how do you increase your chances and get hired when you are not exactly the candidate they want?

According to a talent acquisition manager, the task is indeed challenging and difficulties are going to be there. Despite all this, hope is something you cannot lose.  Focus on the market and make your connections stronger is the advice he has to give in this regard.

The talent manager also told that it is not just building relationships that is important. Doing it with the right people is more significant. Try to get in touch with the hiring manager or another individual who knows them well. Ask them to give you a recommendation, and while you may not get a job this way, you will probably get an interview call.

Here are two main strategies that increase your hiring chances even if you are not completely perfect in the eyes of the interviewer.

Link up with the right people

Though you can try your luck with online job applications, we do not exactly recommend it. Trust us, it is more of a time waste rather than ‘time gain’. Instead, try to initiate a contact with the key personnel in the industry. While doing so, make sure you arouse their interest and get them to trust you. You may not be able to demonstrate your qualifications, but you must display your talents and convince the employers that you can use them for the betterment of the company, helping it achieve its goal in the long run.

Go to the interview with a recommendation

So you got an interview? Perfect, now when you appear for it, make sure you have a recommendation with you. Things will be in your favor from the start and if you create an impression, you may well even get an offer.


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