10 Reasons Why Your Resume is Overlooked

The resume is one of the most critical components in their job seekers getting the interview. Read the following top reasons why your resume may not land interviews.

  1. Resume is too wacky or unprofessional.
  2. Screening software excludes resumes without relevant experience or pertinent keywords.
  3. Extensive and unexplained work gaps indicating a possible lack of updated skills.
  4. Lack of mobility or inability to travel or relocate.
  5. Job Seeker too focused on kind of company they want to work for, rather than what they can do for the company.
  6. Resumes not formatted optimally with visible attention-catching information.
  7. Too many typos or poor grammar.
  8. Resume appears mass mailed and not specific to the job.
  9. Candidate over qualified, too set in their ways of doing a job the same way for years.
  10. Resume appears overly embellished with experience and achievements.

A well thought-out, targeted search for a job will allow the job seeker to focus on the exact requirements of that position and make sure that relevant job experience is clearly stated in a visible area of the resume. Most hiring managers’ minds will be made up about a candidate within 6-15 seconds of reading a resume, so the top of the resume is critical.

Flex Hour Job founder Jacqueline Sloboda states that, “Online resume submissions should list the most eye-catching information above the fold, visible before the viewer has to scroll down.”

Source: Flex Hour Jobs

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