10 Signs You Need a New Job in 2015

How many resolutions did you make for 2015? By now, maybe half of them are already out of 481451037the window! Perhaps the one about finding a new job is still on your radar, being this one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. “With the average full time employee spending the better part of their week at work, it makes sense that this would be high on the resolution priority list,” says Samantha Miklos.

She goes on to share some of the signs you need a new job this year:

  • You Genuinely Hate Your Job
  • You are Bored
  • Nothing Excites You… Even a Pay rise
  • You Have Become an Internet Fiend
  • Procrastination Is Your Middle Name
  • Increased Sick Days
  • You Don’t Like Your Boss or Colleagues
  • You Are Under-performing
  • You Look Homeless
  • You are reading this blog.

Are you ready for a career move?

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-signs-you-need-new-job-2015-samantha-miklos?trk=tod-home-art-list-large_0