10 Ways Great Companies Create Jobs We LOVE

Having a good salary is important. Having good benefits is equally important. But both of 531715185those factors are known influences when choosing a new career and should be given by the company without any hesitation. When you don’t drag waking up every morning to go to work, you know your job is meaningful. When you care about the work you do and the people you work with, you are in the right place. “We go the extra mile when we feel we belong to a team, that we’re pursuing a higher purpose, that we’re working with people who care about us as individuals and not just as employees. Then we want to come to work because that work is more rewarding,” says Jeff Haden.

But how do companies show their employees that they care about them? Haden tells us:

  1. They provide freedom.
  2. They build a true sense of team.
  3. They set logical expectations.
  4. They foster a unique sense of purpose.
  5. They encourage genuine input.
  6. They see the person inside the employee.
  7. They treat each employee not just equally but fairly.
  8. They dish out occasional tough love.
  9. They give frequent public praise.
  10. They create genuine opportunities.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/great-reasons-best-employees-love-jobs-jeff-haden