3 Reasons Your Online Job Search Is Failing Miserably

Are you recurrently in the job market and have been struggling to find a good match? Do you shutterstock_143467093feel as if you are doing everything in your power to “look” for a job, but no one seems to be calling you for an interview? Martha White shares survey results that discuss the biggest mistakes and misconceptions job seekers make when they are looking for jobs online:

You use your smartphone instead of a computer. Are you depending soley on your iPhone to apply for jobs? “20% of job applicants would give up on an online application if they couldn’t do it entirely on their phones. But unfortunately, it also finds that more than a quarter of big companies don’t have a single part of their hiring process set up to work well on a smartphone, explains White.

You rely on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is an excellent tool when it comes to finding a new opportunity. However, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile and if you are not networking on that site, you are making a mistake. Recruiters rely heavily on LinkedIn and if you are not on there, you will not be seen in the job market.

You give up too easily. If you come to a roadblock with your online application, reach out to the company directly to find out how you can get past it. “Nearly a quarter of candidates will give up on applying for any jobs at a company if they have a single bad experience with completing an online job application. If you’re serious about finding a new gig, this could amount to shooting yourself in the foot,” shares White.

How will you change your job search strategy?