40% of Employees Excited About Pay Increases

business diversityFrom a career point of view, how was 2013 for you? Did you enjoy any growth and get that promotion that you wanted? Maybe you landed your dream job. If you ask us, we would state that for most of you, 2013 must have been quite good, especially if you are located in Houston or work in the manufacturing or the healthcare industry. Even if it was not, no problem, continue your efforts, and trust us when we say that 2014 is going to be even better.

For all those that have still not achieved the salary figure that they want, 2014 might provide you with the opportunity you have craved for so long. According to our survey that comprises of employees, 40% expect an increase – lucky them. So you do not consider yourself among these? Well, you will be glad when you hear the next piece of news we have to share. From another research that was targeted at HR managers of prestigious firms, we learned that most employers are actually willing to give their employees the figures they want. Pretty exciting!

Obviously, you will want to know why. From our interviews with some of the respondents, we realized that managers are intent on giving really great packages to both new and existing employees because of the incredible job outlook. They want work done; more efficiency, increased productivity, and higher determination levels; anyone who checks off these slots, will definitely get what they crave for.

As for the employees, they are all eager to let their career progress. They do not mind putting up a good performance as long as they are rewarded well for it.

If you analyze the data of the past two years, these are the best ever figures. The respondents gave positive responses because their jobs are secure, the industry outlook is good and increased hiring is going to take place this year. Most of these are full-time workers, but few also work part-time.

So if you want your salary to improve, continue your efforts and you will be rewarded. Whether you get an increase, a promotion or an entire new job, we are dead sure your career is going to accelerate. We wish you luck, and enjoy the ride while you are at it.

Source: www.aol.com

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