5 Résumé ‘Tricks’ That Can Backfire

Writing a resume can be an overwhelming task for some, but that doesn’t mean you should 176722835cut corners to get the best results. “When you’re putting together a résumé, you might find yourself looking for ways to disguise a spotty job history, get around résumé-screening software or even avoid showing your age,” says Alison Green. And if you end up using some of these tricks, hiring managers will able to identify your sneaky techniques and your actions will just backfire on you.

Green shares five resume tricks that you should definitely avoid, no matter who encourages you to use them:

  1. Using a functional résumé instead of a chronological résumé to hide weaknesses in your work history.
  2. Shortening your résumé by shrinking the margins and font instead of cutting content.
  3. Leaving dates off your résumé to avoid age discrimination.
  4. Littering your résumé with “keywords” to get by résumé-screening software.
  5. Using a fancy or unusual résumé design to stand out and catch the hiring manager’s eye.

Source: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2015/01/26/5-resume-tricks-that-can-backfire