5 Simple Tips to Make Your First Job Interview Go Better

tipsJobs interviews play an instrumental role in getting a job. Thus, you should be determined to make everything go right to secure that potential opportunity. The first job interview is particularly more important because it is THE first one. Several questions might be running through your mind about what you should expect, what questions you could be asked, how you should respond to tricky questions and most importantly, how you can make a good impression.

Here are five simple tips that will help facilitate you through the process.

#1 Focus On How You Can Add Value

A job opening means there is work the employer wants to get done and is seeking someone who could do it in the best possible way. Use your job interview to gain the employer’s confidence. Emphasize on your skills, abilities, and relevant experiences that could prove helpful for you to do the job. Persuade the hiring manager that you understand the work well and how hiring you could be beneficial for the organization.

#2 Know the Organization

It is always helpful to gather as much information as possible about the organization before stepping in for the interview. Check out the company website and pages on different social networking sites, ask around your social circle, and find out all you can through the internet. Doing so will not only instill you with confidence for where you are heading, but it would also covey to the employer that you’re genuinely interested in working for the organization.

#3 Guard Your Words and Body Language

Remember you are being continuously observed and everything counts. Even small things like the way you walk, the posture you sit in, how you talk, your hand movements and if you stammer while talking matters. A positive body language, use of good vocabulary and speaking with confidence, is a simple and important tip to project a positive image.

#4 Go Well Dressed

The importance of being well dressed for a job interview just can’t be done away with as it is key for the first impression. Dress professionally and let your clothes do the talking. Make sure to pick attire that fits the occasion right. It should be neither too casual nor be party-like. Keep it simple, formal, clean and well-pressed! Not only does it display your seriousness and commitment to work, but also polishes up your personality traits. So, remember to pick your best outfit for that interview!

#5 Punctuality is Key

Lastly, be on time for the interview! Leave in time and reach your destination a few minutes early. You don’t want all your preparation go waste.

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