5 Things to Consider About Your Recruiting Strategy

Managers and leaders have to keep up with the new workplace culture, but many revert back shutterstock_197473238to their comfort zones and the ‘old way of doing things.’ News about shaky workplaces and second-rate cultures in organizations spreads quickly, according to recruiting pro and blogger Meghan Biro. To build and preserve a robust culture, Biro says leaders should think about several things.

  1. Think about geography. “Many employees today are geographically distant, which only works if the culture and work systems support remote operations,” explains Biro. “Do you want a culture that’s steeped in the norms of one physical location – say Cambridge or Palo Alto? Then you have to socialize remote employees early and often, support frequent travel, and make them feel like members of the club.” This approach may not be effective for your organization. And it can impact employee morale.
  2. Think about office environments. Open floor plans and sharing tables may be all the rage these days as millennials enjoy collaborative table sharing and cringe at cubicle farms. But there’s a balance, as many people believe private offices represent power. Tearing down the walls may not be productive for everyone.
  3. Think about your customers. Biro advises in her post that service businesses diversify your customer base. “Don’t concentrate more than 25 percent of revenues in more than one vertical. Look for verticals that are complementary to your best clients,’ says Biro.
  4. Think about your compensation. The more remote your workforce is, the more you may need support systems like employee wellness and employee assistance programs, maintains Biro. These kinds of programs aren’t exclusive to large companies.
  5. Think about your management mix. Fresh insight from outsiders and rewards for employee referrals can help your business from getting stale and disconnected you’re your team. Biro suggests that HR and recruiting source candidates who come from similar cultures but have slightly different backgrounds.

How do you preserve your company culture?

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghanbiro/2014/04/06/5-ways-to-reinvent-your-recruiting-strategy/