5 Tips for Hiring the Right People

How do you find the right employee for your organization? How do you know who is best fit for  shutterstock_217598371the role? “Finding new employees isn’t always easy. Whether there’s a shortage of qualified applicants or there are too many applications to keep up with, the hiring process can be difficult and frustrating,” explains Brittney Helmrich. If you’re having trouble with your hiring process you may be asking the wrong questions during the interview or not looking for the right qualities.

Helmrich shares five tips for making smart hiring decisions based on John Schwarz’, CEO of Visier, insights:

  1. Ask Better questions – ask questions that will help determine what kind of employee they will be, not about their job history and strengths.
  2. Think about your team – you need to keep in mind how they will work with your current staff and how they can add value to the team.
  3. Consider company culture – Misfit employees will bring down team morale, so build a team that will sustain the company culture you would like to have for your business.
  4. Look for passion – Hire someone who is passionate about your product or service and who will commit themselves to your organization.
  5. Don’t just a book by its cover – looks aren’t everything, instead consider how well an individual can do their job.

What does your hiring process look like?

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7155-startup-hiring-tips.html