7 Tips to Get Recruiters to Look at Your LinkedIn Profile

Kaye/Bassman International is the largest single-site retained firm in the country. Our ThinkstockPhotos-491938783 300x201recruiters have on average 10+ years of experience and have the viable market knowledge in their respective industry. They spend minimal time searching for candidates on LinkedIn and most of their time talking to candidates on the phone. “LinkedIn profiles are a visual representation of your professional brand, but what makes a recruiter click on your LinkedIn profile over another? There are a few simple tricks you can use to make sure you get noticed by recruiters,” shares Sarah White. If you want your LinkedIn profile to be noticed by of our tenured and reputable search professionals follow these easy 7 tips:

  1. Upload a photo
  2. Highlight your experience
  3. Evidence of your hard work
  4. Education and volunteer work
  5. Include your industry
  6. Stay engaged
  7. It’s your professional brand

Source: http://www.cio.com/article/2937710/social-media/7-tips-to-get-recruiters-to-look-at-your-linkedin-profile.html#slide1