7 Tips to Writing a Great Post-Interview Thank You Note

During interview 101 you are told by almost any experienced professional to send a thank you shutterstock_167335952note after each interview. Despite hearing this tip over and over again, people still ignore this crucial step in the hiring process. “But what are the rules of the post-interview thank you note, and what should you include when following up with a hiring manager or recruiter?” asks Sarah White.

Follow these steps towards crafting a thank you note that may just end up landing you your next career move:

  • Wait until after the interview
  • Send the note within a 24-hour window
  • A thank you note for everyone
  • Proofread the note
  • Highlight parts of the interview
  • Thank them for their time

Source: http://www.cio.com/article/2929088/job-search/7-tips-to-writing-a-great-post-interview-thank-you-note.html