A Bright Future Awaits Engineers

buildersriskA recent research predicts that engineers are going to enjoy a bright future.  Engineering jobs are expected to grow by almost 11% in the next few years. Even right now, almost seven of the highest paid college degrees are engineering degrees.

The list of the top 10 highest paid degrees ranks petroleum engineering as number one. Students who acquire this degree enjoy an impressive starting salary of around $93,500. Other preferred engineering degrees are computer engineering, aerospace engineering and chemical engineering with starting salaries that lie between $64,400 and $71,700.

Engineers are qualified and skilled professionals in their fields, which puts them in demand. Many large industries prefer to hire them and offer them significant higher salaries than graduates who acquire other degrees.

Industry experts believe that engineers can choose from a wide range of positions and pursue a career in any field that they wish. Though there are many sectors that employ engineers, the ones that hire them in exceedingly large numbers are energy companies, oil services, software houses and other industrial manufacturing facilities.

A survey indicates that mechanical engineers are preferred by many organizations. They are often hired by oil companies and organizations producing spare parts. Other engineering fields like chemical, civil, electrical and even biomedical are in great demand.

As of now, all engineering fields are enjoying excellent job prospects that are bound to get better in times to come. The conducted research indicates that all the fields are in search for new employees because vacant positions have been created by people who have recently retired. Civil and mechanical engineers are required by building construction companies whereas the oil and gas industry also requires mechanical and industrial engineers. Software houses are employing computer engineers and PCB designing firms have launched recruitment campaigns aimed at hiring electronics engineers.

However engineering industries are not the only sector that is hiring engineers. Business related organizations such as consulting firms, banks and trading companies are also appointing engineers. Most engineers have leadership qualities and problem solving skills which can benefit any company.

There are both two year and four year programs in engineering; the former being a diploma and the latter a Bachelors degree. Obviously, the four year education is preferable and will be very valuable to engineers who manage to obtain it.

In a nutshell, anyone who finishes their engineering degree will enjoy favorable career growth and opportunities.

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