Almost 21% of the Workforce Plan to Make a Job Switch

time to changeDo you like your job or are you tired of it? Long hours, no promotion, lack of appreciation, low salary; what is it that annoys you? Well, you know what? You are not the only one who is going through this. There are so many other people out there who are experiencing pretty much the same set of circumstances and similar emotions. What plans do these people have for 2014? They want to switch. They see a change of jobs, a different schedule every day, varying sets of tasks to accomplish, and a new work environment as a remedy for their condition. They believe that change might actually make them feel better and more satisfied.

According to a recent online survey, there are almost 21% employees who are interested in changing their jobs in 20l4. Considering the post recession era, this is the greatest figure that has been recorded yet. Last year, the value was around 17%, but the economy is in much better shape now than it was at that time. As such, more and more people are gaining confidence that they will soon find their dream job.

Job Satisfaction Is Dropping

Though a job switch can arise due to a number of factors, the survey highlights a decrease in job satisfaction to be the most prevalent one. Last year, 66% of the workforce was completely satisfied with their work. Within just one year, this percentage has reduced to 59%. Among the respondents, 18% are not at all satisfied and the rest of the people have mixed feelings.

Among those that are dissatisfied, salary is the prime reason for 66% of these, whereas 65% people feel they are not as valued as they should be.

Prime Reasons Leading to a Job Change

Considering those people who are not satisfied with their jobs, 58% of them plan to switch their jobs due to different reasons. 45% of them state that their current employer does not provide enough advancement opportunities and 39% claim that they cannot find a balance between their work and life. Another 39% state that their job stresses them out whereas 36% state they were not given the promotion they deserved.

So say goodbye to your current company and start looking for another job. You may not have an offer on the table right now, but put in the efforts, and you will achieve all that you want to in your career. Good luck with it.


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