Are You Organized? These Jobs are for You!

organizeDo you always maintain a to-do list and make sure that by the end of the day you have ticked off every item on it? Is your desk always neat and tidy, and there are no paper piles on it? What about your home closet? Is every shirt and shoe just exactly where it should be? Yes, all this means that you are a very organized person. So just how much of this quality do you have? If your answer is too much, we actually have some useful information for you.

Being organized is a great skill; you should really cash in on this and enjoy some professional benefits from it. In most industries, there are so many tasks which completely depend on organization, and there are so many positions where the most organized people are required. Do you also want to work in these positions? If you do, you can put up a really great performance and enjoy a huge boost in your career.

Here are some of the top positions which require organization skills.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you will have to organize various sorts of projects, the exact nature of which will depend on wherever you are employed. You will be assigned with the task of managing the projects right from their inception to their completion.  You will be overseeing all phases of the projects, and will have to ensure that each of them is over in a timely manner so that the deadline is not missed.

The annual median salary of a project manager is around $58,800.

Travel Agent

How do you travel? Since you are so organized, you always a have plan ready, right? There are so many other people, who also want this plan, but cannot formulate one. As a travel agent, you will have to help them out with it, and completely prepare their trip. This includes booking their flights, finding accommodation for them, and other things which are part of a trip.

The average yearly salary of a travel agent is around $34,000.


A merchandiser has to arrange the stores and place every item in a manner which entices customers to buy them. You will have to make sure that every item is neatly placed in the correct spot and is tagged with the right price.

The annual salary of a merchandiser is around $60,000.

So if you are organized, seek employment at any of the above positions, you will be able to outshine others and easily get ahead in the job race.


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