Avoiding Exhaustion at Work

unmotivated employeeDo you work a 9 to 5 job? Seemingly, everyone does. But is it actually eight hours or longer? Or maybe you are doing eight hours only, but are being assigned so much work that you just cannot manage. Well, you are not the only one. According to a survey, there are almost 55% people who feel they are overworked or overloaded at their jobs.

We can understand your situation; always so full of work that you do not even have a minute off. Your one project does not get finished, and you are assigned three more, all with extremely high priorities and short deadlines. You probably cannot get this done, so you will have to talk to your boss about it. But will he really listen to you? In today’s world, every employer expects their employees to do a lot in just a limited amount of time. So would your boss really be convinced?

We recently caught up with a manager at a reputed firm, and here is what he suggested. Follow these tips, and you ought to get your way with your boss.

Do not suppose that your boss is already aware

This is one misconception that so many employers have. You may think that your boss is already aware about the situation, but in reality this is hardly ever so. People do assign extra work without even realizing others that they might actually be burdening you with it. So speak up and explain the issue; no one is ever going to find out until you do.

Talk when the timing is right

While you should definitely tell your boss about the problem, you should do it when he can spare you some time and is not rushed about work or something. Talk to him when he is too busy or annoyed, and he will just send you away without even listening. Start by explaining your problem and let him know the reasons it is not possible to manage so much work. For instance, if you were allotted the duties of someone who resigned, you could state this as the cause of not being able to manage your work anymore.

Suggest possible options

Until you come up with options, your request is not going to be granted.  Suggest a solution to the situation, and he might act on it.

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