Believe it or Not, Your Name Can Affect Your Career

name tagIs your career future only about your talent, abilities, efforts and sometimes, luck? Not always. Your name also plays a part, or so a recent study claims.  Researchers state that a person’s name influences their success and what they achieve in life. Here are some of the most interesting facts from the study.

People with easy to say names enjoy more favors

Is your name easily pronounced? You are in luck then. According to the study, you will enjoy better positions and designations on whichever career path you choose to walk. Psychologists say that if information can be processed easily, it is easier to understand and thus, is more likeable. So if your name is simple, you will be liked more and acquire more.

People with common names have more chances of nailing the job

Another study conducted by a reputed university claims that a person whose name is common is liked more by everyone, including the recruiters. As such, their chances of being hired are more when compared to people who have unique names.

Another study also states that if your name is a white-sounding one like Emily or Greg, you will probably get more interview calls. In fact, there is a 50% more chance of this. Some researchers also state the worth of a white-sounding name is nearly as much as having eight years of experience.

People with names beginning in the first few letters of the alphabet get in better schools and colleges

There is a surprising relationship between the letter from which your name begins and the school you are admitted into. If your name starts with C or E, or any initial letter of the alphabet, you have more chances of getting in a better school and college than a Wright or Rose.

People usually end up working with employers who match their initials

You identify yourself with your name, right? So does everyone else.  This is why you are more likely to work for a company that matches your initials. And if your initials are rare, you will probably be working for a company with a similar name. For instance, if you are Amanda, you might be working for Amazon.

So how much do you think your name has affected your success?


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