Best Tips for Making a Good First Impression

business4Job interviews are always a nerve wracking experience to go through. There are a lot of candidates who may have applied for the very same position you are being interviewed for, and you want to stand out from the other candidates and make a good first impression to ensure that you qualify for the job with flying colors. Being interrogated for a position you have applied for is something not many people look forward to, and there are many instances in which a person has made a bad impression before the interview has even gotten underway, which resulted in them missing out on the job.

Making a good first impression is imperative in every job interview, since the interviewer has probably sat through dozens of interviews, and has not been impressed by the candidates. This makes it crucial for you to make a good first impression, since the first 20 seconds of an interview are vital in ensuring you are selected for the job.

Here are some basic tips, which may give you a fighting chance in getting approved for a job by making a good first impression on your future employer.

The Power of Eye Contact:

You should be well aware of the power of making immediate eye contact with the person who is interviewing you. It is a simple enough thing, but one which is commonly overlooked by candidates. Not making eye contact with the interviewer may seem as off putting to some people, while it may raise suspicions about you and destroys any chance of making a good first impression.

Dress for the Occasion:

Another factor to consider is the types of clothes you wear to your interview. It is advised to dress appropriately and sharply since it gives a strong message to the person sitting across from you, that you are organized, and give good attention to detail. Your footwear should also be clean and appropriate, since it goes along with your attire, and it is crucial to dress for the occasion in order to make a good first impression.

Have a Firm Grip:

The handshake is viewed in many localities as the determining factor, which can make or break a successful job interview. Many people judge the characteristics of a person, by the way they walk, talk, smile and their handshake. A firm handshake gives a good first impression, as it shows that you are confident and an enthusiastic person. However make sure that you do not seem overzealous in your handshake as it can come across as off putting in many situations, and may hamper your chances in making a good first impression.

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