Big or Small – Business That Is!

College graduates in 2012 believe the ideal employers are Apple, Google, or JPMorgan Chase. These rank as the top companies that are considered to be the most desirable job opportunities for undergraduates. The question, however, in a competitive job market, is whether or not you choose to be a little fish in the sea or a big fish in a pond. You have narrowed down your field of interests but what is the best place for you to be? A big corporation or a small business? One thing remains consistently true, most companies are looking for good, honest, and hard-working individuals and there are interminable amounts of job applicants. Do you go big or small?

If you are a person who thrives on organization and structure, then a large corporation is the best place for you. Most Fortune 500 companies have rotational and training programs in place to prepare employees for their future roles in the company. The positions generally come with a list of very specific responsibilities and tasks attached. Entry level positions are relatively stable at this time. If you enjoy collaboration and group dynamics, this a corporate job will bring out the best in you. Be a team player and be willing to “go the extra mile” if you want positive performance reviews. The good news for those landing jobs in big corporations is that you will be trained by proven successful leaders in the business world. You will understand fully the corporate ladder and the vision for your future will be very transparent.

If you are looking for flexibility, on the other hand, the small business structure is something to consider. The business environment of small businesses is constantly evolving and so might your schedule. You may be allowed longer lunches, work hours from home, or be allowed to take care of personal issues easily. There will most likely be a little more wiggle-room for your business future. In a small work environment, you may wear many hats and have to juggle different roles. Often a small business allows you to get more responsibility sooner and that translates into good work experience. In a small business, you are competing for a higher position with less people than Fortune 100 companies. You are in control of you own destiny in a small business and your voice will get heard, whether you like it or not. If you find the company you chose isn’t for you, employers love seeing small business experience on a resume. A candidate with small business experience usually is more of a self-starter, company-focused and has ideas.

Many young career-minded individuals will experience both – the big corporate world and the small business environment. Many will go where the job is strictly because of the intensity of the job search in today’s economy. Be it big or be it small, what you glean from the opportunity will play a significant role in your career path. Go big or go small, just don’t fall short.

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