Body Language Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Interview

interviewHow many interviews have you failed? If the number embarrasses you, you are probably making a huge mistake during them. Yes, we know you have a great resume and high qualifications, so why do you not ever hear back from them?

We talked to some of our recruitment professionals and they told us that if candidates make a body language mistake during their interview, the managers never find them worthy enough. A survey claims that two of the biggest body language mistakes which people make in an interview are not making eye contact and continuously twirling their hair. Both these are signs of nervousness, and reflect negatively on you.

A hiring manger told us that when interviewing candidates, they do not just listen to their answers, but analyze them from head to toe, and try to figure out if the person sitting in front of them is trustworthy and credible.

From our talks with our recruitment professionals, we realized that the following are the worst body mistakes you can ever make.

Bad Posture

When you go for an interview, you are usually asked to wait in the reception area or some other place. Right from this moment, keen eyes start scrutinizing you.  Do not slouch in the sofa or chair where you sit. Keep your back straight, your shoulders aligned and your neck elongated. Research claims that when you sit this way, the brain releases chemicals which make you more confident.

Bad Handshake

You are now asked to step into the conference room. Shake hands with your interviewer but do not make this too hard. Do this in a natural manner with your thumbs in the upward position.

And by the way, shake hands only if the interviewer extends their hand.

Sweaty Palms

Interview or no interview, a clammy handshake gives a negative impression to anyone who has to bear it. Before the interview, make sure your hands are not sweaty. If they are, wash them with cold water for around a minute. This will keep them dry for about ten minutes.

Lack of Eye contact

Now begins the actual interview. While answering the questions, maintain eye contact with all the interviewers present in the room. Should you not, you are either regarded as insecure or deceptive.

So at your next interview, make sure you are not doing any of the above. Be confident and present yourself as valuable, and they will get back to you with an amazing offer.


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