Bosses Can Make or Break Your Career

mentor bossDo you like your boss or are they a tyrant, ready to the pounce on you every chance they get? If it is the first and you like your boss, you are in a pretty good situation. Your work will be appreciated, you will be rewarded and all this will lead to what? Hopefully it will lead to a promotion. But if you have a bad boss, going to work is just going to be miserable and believe it or not, this has a negative effect on your career.

A renowned website conducted a survey which had a sample size of the 2,000 adults.  Among these people, two thirds said that their bosses influenced their careers. Among these, nearly 50% people said the impact was positive and their bosses had contributed to the growth in their career. 20% people said that the effect was negative and their bosses had caused their careers to decline. The remaining people believed that an influence could be felt, but it was neither positive nor negative.

Research also shows that if you are happy with your boss, you will be satisfied with your job, and might just as well, find work fun.

Do the industry experts agree with the survey?  According to them, the results do make sense. A leadership professor at a reputed university agrees with the research. According to him, immediate bosses have the most impact, on both job satisfaction and career.

In most instances, a great boss encourages people to put in efforts and be productive. Ultimately, they get on good terms with their boss. This affects their job satisfaction and the time period in which they serve the company.  So yes, a lot depends on your relationship with your boss.

But what if your boss is not great? The survey stated that people who felt this way had similar complaints to share.  Their bosses cut down on raises, skipped promotions and did not expose them to the top management. The ultimate result was stagnancy in their career.

So why are some bosses successful and other’s are not? A lot of this depends on delegating tasks, which is the primary quality every leader must have. Bosses must learn this or they will never have the support of their team.

So if your boss is bad, you will be better off if you quit, but not until you have another offer on the table. After all, bosses make you happy at work and push you up the professional ladder.


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