Can Talent Pipelines Get You Hired?

talent searchHave you ever thought about joining a talent pipeline? If not, it might be something to consider especially in today’s job market where competition levels are high and any openings usually take months to get filled.  What do hiring managers give as reasons for this?  For them, the candidates either lack the required skills or just are not a great cultural fit. And how do these recruitment professionals address the issue? By focusing on talent pipelines because these can provide them with valuable candidates while saving time and energy.

There may not be any openings, but if you are joining a talent pipeline, you are indicating your interest in the company which is a major plus.  We know so many employers who rely on talent networks for suitable candidates. All you will have to do is complete your profile and submit your resume. Now if you are a match and there is any opening, you will be notified.

We talked in detail to some of the best human resource professionals about talent pipelines. Most of them agreed on one fact; businesses must run smoothly no matter what the head count is. However, when positions are empty, everyone’s burden increases and work does not get done. This is the opinion of 40% of managers as evaluated by a survey. As such, companies must hire talent as soon as they can. General requirement procedures can be quite lengthy and extensive, and talent pipelines are a great, short alternative.

A survey estimates that 65% of hiring managers believe that talent pipelines significantly reduce the time spent in hiring. 54% of recruitment specialists also believe that talent pipelines decrease the costs involved.

As you can see, there are many benefits for the employers, but are talent pipelines a great choice for you as well? Yes, if you try to understand the concerns of your to-be employer’s right from the start, they might be more apt to hire you. You can present yourself as the perfect candidate for the job, and negotiate a better offer when it comes to your package.

We suggest that you join a talent pipeline at your earliest.  It will strengthen your job search, and though you will not have any immediate offers, you will definitely have a great one when you do; something that is aligned with your career goals while offering you rewards as well.


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