CEO Aspirations

climbing to the topBecoming a CEO can happen in two different ways. You can start your own company and name yourself the CEO, or you can apply to be the Chief Executive Officer of an existing company. Typically, those who rise through ranks must show the determination, business acumen, and sacrificial dedication to being the leader. The abbreviation CEO usually stands for Chief Executive Officer or less commonly Corporate Executive Officer. It is the highest paid position in an incorporated company. The Chief Executive Officer normally reports directly to the Board of Directors and Shareholders of the company. He sometimes is the top person on the Board of Directors and sometimes just their answer person.

If you have CEO aspirations and want to rise to this lofty position of CEO, it helps if you are doing something that you really like. If you don’t then you’re not going to be that successful at it. You have to enjoy the field you are working in and welcome the challenge of working with people you may have disagreements with. Running a successful business involves utilizing the right people with the right skills and placing them in the right positions. It is also important not to micro-manage the tasks of those under you but give them the freedom to solve problems using their own methods. More public-company CEOs age 40 and under lead organizations involved in technology products or services than work in any other industry. Many respect CEOs because they respect business and how companies are run. They know that it takes a lot to get to the top of the corporate ladder. They know it’s a crowning achievement. CEO pay and compensation can be outrageously high. To become a CEO, you must possess a passion for work. Their commitment surpasses most. They make personal sacrifices to climb to the top.

It might surprise you to know how many top executives started with nothing. Former Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg started his career as a cable splicer’s assistant right out of high school. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson worked in Southwestern Bell’s Oklahoma IT department. Starbucks’ Howard Schultz and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. It took them years to get to the top. If you strive to be a CEO, tenacity is essential.

Most CEO’s live a nomadic life. They spend more time away from home than at home. CEO’s are sponges for knowledge. They read, they listen, they do. They are problem solvers. They are willing to take risks.

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