Choosing a Successful College Major

Choosing a college major has reached new levels of significance.  The job market is tenuous so it is important that you choose a profession that will be in demand when you graduate. Your major will determine your level of success and your earning potential. Managers contend that relevant coursework is more important than ever when considering job candidates.

So, in 2012, which college majors will land you the job that not only pays well but in demand at every level in all areas of the country? A recent study conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identified fifteen of the most valuable majors in the current marketplace. Data was ranked by starting pay, mid-career pay, growth in salary and wealth of job opportunities.

Biomedical engineering ranked first as far as the most worth received for your tuition, time, and effort. Biomedical engineers earn a median salary of $53,800 which grows at an average of 82% by mid-career. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects 61.7% growth of job opportunities in this particular field. Engineering jobs comprise one third of the most valuable majors. Software engineers rank fourth, environmental engineers rank fifth, civil engineers rank sixth, and petroleum engineers rank ninth. It is all about supply and demand.  These majors are hard to obtain.  There is a high demand for them and a low supply of people with the skills to become an engineer. Engineering graduates have reported a relatively easy job search experience and have, in addition to this, the opportunity to select desirable locations.

Employers are also reporting that computer information system majors are top recruits in today’s job market. Competition for new science, technology, and math talent is steep. Graduates in these areas will most likely receive multiple offers. Biochemistry ranks second, computer science ranks third, applied mathematics ranks tenth, and statistics ranks fifteenth. These field are in high demand and well-paid. One explanation for this is the fact that the country is a data-driven market. Statisticians that understand data and can use it to forecast trends will find it easy to find a job.

Sadly, the field of education continues to be one of the lowest paying jobs and the need continues to be high for educators.  But, if you are striving towards a high-earning potential and want to break through the job search easily, it is a good idea to think technology, math, or engineering.

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