Convincing Your Boss to Do Something

happy bossIs there something that you want your boss to do, but he is not just giving in? We understand the situation can be quite frustrating at times. Want to reverse the tables? Just recently, we caught up with a talent acquisition manager and the sales manager of two different firms. We asked both of them precisely the same question: what habits or things make them listen to their employees and say yes to their demands. Here is a look at the common responses that we got from them.

Present all the details in a positive light

You or your boss will be convinced of doing something only when they have all the details ready at hand. If you have not fully thought about what you want, there is no point in going up to your boss with it. The same is the case if what you want requires too many efforts from your manager or colleagues. First be clear about what you want and then state it to your boss. For instance, if you just tell your boss that you want an additional member on your team, he might not listen. But once you clearly explain why it is really important to have an extra member, he might allot some of the work to another employee.

Make sure the timing is right

The timing is absolutely important to getting what you want. Go up to your boss at a time when the company is doing well, your performance is good and so is the mood of your boss. For instance, if you want a new PC and your company recently lost a couple of clients, there is no way you are getting this. Similarly, if you barge into your boss’s office when he is annoyed about something, he will not even listen to what you have to say and you will get a no straight away.

According to research, almost 65% employees mess up their chances of a yes they could have otherwise heard, only because their timing was not right.

Formulate your request well

Whatever it is that you demand should have advantages in it for the company as well, and not just you. This will make it easier for your boss to be convinced. Also, if there are any disadvantages of the proposal, come up with solutions before going to your boss with it.


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