Creating a Work Friendly Workplace

Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home.  Creating an office environment conducive to productivity and comfort for the employees is a must.  After all, most people spend five days a week at the office. Offices can be designed to reduce stress and create a better frame of mind for a workforce.  There are things to keep in mind when creating the perfect work environment.

Steer clear of “humdrum”.  An insurance office does not necessarily have to be boring.  Traditional styles with bright, contemporary colors can lift the mood of employees and clients.  Use bolder colors. Old school decorating rules for offices would tell you to stay neutral and stick with soothing, calming colors; in other words – bland. Choose bright, saturated colors for your walls, or paint only two walls and paint the other two in a more muted version. Your company will deliver a message that is bold, innovative and energetic!

Focus on little details for big impact. You can get elegant, durable wood floor mats with rubber backing that work anywhere and come in rich woods like walnut, cherry, teak and bamboo. Everyone will feel like they have their own hardwood floor.  Ditch motivational posters and go fine art prints that are framed and matted.  This tends to make office furniture look newer.

Create a friendly, welcoming reception area. Get rid of the cumbersome power desk for the receptionist.  Chairs lined up in rows are not welcoming.  Scatter chairs around the room in informal groupings perhaps with end tables and coffee tables.

Studies have shown that blocking everyone up into cubicles doesn’t enhance improvement. An open work area with desks that have a clear view of each other actually encourages performance.

We have all worked at places that we were less than excited to get up in the mornings and go to. It is much more pleasurable, and less stressful to go to a work environment that is filled with positivity and enjoyment. A positive work environment is not only important for our physical, mental and emotional health, but is also important for the results that we produce for the company. The better we feel at work, the more likely we will take pride in our job activities and be loyal towards our place of employment.

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