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piggy bank money studentAre you finally finished with high school and now pondering over colleges and university programs? Great, what are your preferred fields?  Indeed, your chosen areas should be aligned with your interests, but if you want an edge in the job market, they should be profitable as well.  That’s not all that’s important, you have to consider other things as well; job outlook, tuition fees, location and so on.

A recent report analyzed all the factors and then determined the most profitable degrees of today.  Engineering, computer sciences and biomedical technology acquired the top three slots.


Engineering graduates are highly preferred in today’s job market and it is no surprise. Shale oil is in a boom; the energy field is being focused on so much these day, and the manufacturing industry is becoming more automated. What sort of individuals do you need at the mines, power plants and industrial facilities? Engineering students.

Engineering can be further divided into many sub fields such as chemical, mechanical, electrical and so on. You can either opt for a general engineering degree or specialize in one of the sub areas. The yearly median salary this group lies at is $74,500. However, if you consider only petroleum and chemical engineering, the figures get more impressive at $130,000 and $94,000.  As for the employment rates, over 96% of recent engineering graduates have already found jobs. Between now and 2022, the job outlook of engineering will increase at rates higher than average.

Computer Science

Have you ever heard of big data? You must have also heard a lot about databases and web development. And what about video games and all these incredible apps on your iPad? We are sure you love these. All these areas belong to computer sciences.

The annual median salary for this field starts at $62,500 for web developers. For computer research scientists and AI specialists, the figures touch the $102,000 range. Among all recent graduates, 95% are currently employed. In the years to come, the expected growth is around 37%.

Biomedical Sciences 

With the advancement of technology, the healthcare sector is currently experiencing many new revolutions. All these developments are based on the concepts of medical sciences and engineering, and this is where biomedical sciences come into play. The yearly median salary is around $87,000 a year and the employment rate is around 96.4%. Biomedical sciences has an expected growth rate of 27%.


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