Didn’t Get that Raise? Try Out These Alternatives

business noDid you just try to negotiate your salary with your boss and your offer got rejected? Definitely a letdown but this is something that happens to everyone at least once. You cannot always get the salary you want, but if your performance has been incredible, you can get so many other benefits.  All of them may not be monetary, but they still compensate well enough.

We talked to some of the best professionals in the industry and here is what they suggested:

Ask for a bonus

A survey estimates that a bonus is the second most important thing to employees after an increment in salary.  So if your boss does not give you the salary which you asked for, he might consider going for this option. Bonuses are just as good, and if you made a few notable accomplishments, you should ask for one at the end of the year. Who knows this time your requests might actually be granted.

Ask permission to come in later

Do you hate getting up so early every morning? Maybe you do not need to that anymore, if you are allowed to come in later to your office. Discuss this with your boss and he might give you this flexibility if you promise to get all your work done by the end of the day.

Maybe you can work from home

Do you prefer working at home? If your job allows you to manage your daily tasks at home, you can ask your boss about this. Maybe he can give you permission to show up at the office three or four days a week, and work from home for the remaining days.

Some time off can do you good

You have been doing so well at your job for the past year. Maybe it is time that you take a break and ask for some days off from work.  Your short vacation isn’t going to cost your company, and they should at least allow you a short leave, if they cannot increase your paycheck.

Increase your qualifications

There are many employers who do not mind paying for education if their employees improve their qualifications or acquire some sort of a certification. In the long run, this is going to help them out and they might agree to pay your fees, or at least some of it.

Source: www.linkedin.com

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