Distractions at Work – Are They Really that Bad?

distractions at workDo you mind interruptions when you are focusing on something? A lot of you are going to say yes to this. However, research has found something that is completely contradictory to what you believe. Distractions are actually great and can boost your creativity and help you in making decisions. In other words, distractions can pave way for you to become a leader while forming strong connections with your colleagues.

Here is what studies say about distractions.

Distraction allow you to become a better leader

How many emails do you have to cater to everyday and how often are meetings scheduled at your work place? Indeed, they do take your mind away from what is important, but truth is when you communicate with others, you are just improving your leadership skills.

An article published in Harvard Business Review classifies a distraction as a touch point in your day, which allows you to collaborate in innovative ways, solve problems and eventually learn to become a leader, and a great one.

Distraction hone your creativity

How important is creativity at your workplace? If you are employed at an advertising agency or a graphic designing company, you will be requiring creative skills throughout the day. When your brain is too focused or too preoccupied with something, you fail to notice the little things and connections that are apparently small but matter the most. Now when you brain is tired, and is distracted all this information somehow seeps in and you start noticing the connections, which you might not have realized before.

A study claims that brains which cannot filter out irrelevant data are more creative than brains which focus. So if you are distracted, do not get annoyed. Who knows you might actually come up with a completely new and innovative idea?

Distractions help you in solving problems

You might have noticed that when you return to work after a break, you are more focused and effective. Why? Apparently, distractions may take your mind off work, but your brain is still processing the original information and workload, which is the result of a recent study.  Your conscious mind may not be concentrating, but the decision making areas of your brain will still be busy in figuring out a solution.

So the next time someone distracts you, do not get upset because it might be for your betterment.

Source: www.linkedin.com

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