Do Employees Trust their Bosses?

suspicionAre you a manager or a supervisor? How many of your team members are on good terms with you and trust you? While you may think you have everyone of your team on your side, that is not so. A recent study determines that 25% employees do not trust their bosses. Moreover, 32% employees feel that their employers or bosses are not honest with them.

As a manager, the stats are really troubling for you. Until you have the team’s trust, you cannot motivate them or get them to deliver their very best. According to a reputed PhD professional, who headed the team which conducted survey, trust is really important and significantly affects the performance of employees. We caught up with him for an interview and he identified three factors which are a feature of the most trustworthy companies.

So do you want to gain your employees’ trust? Here is what you can do:

Involve employees

How often do you engage your employees and give them control over something? If your answer is seldom, your team probably does not trust you. Get them involved and make them realize they are valuable.  Have group problem solving sessions and meetings with them.  All along the way, give them an insight on their performance and the manner in which it will affect their growth, position and value within the company.

Show gratitude

Great, you have finally gained some trust and gotten your employees to perform for you.  This is still not enough. Now start appreciating employees for their work and express your gratitude.

A reputed professional in the industry told us that employers should recognize their employees, both formally and informally. Praise them and also reward them at a monetary level.  This will encourage other people to also put in more efforts.

Communicate effectively

Communication is absolutely critical if you want your employees’ trust. You must maintain effective communication with them, and make sure they are familiarized with the mission of your organization. They also must be told clearly of what is expected of them, and if any changes have to be made, to keep them in the loop.

Act on our advice, and your employees will soon start trusting you. Give them what they want and they will give you back what you want; a win-win situation for both of you.


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