Do Hiring Managers Consider College Degrees Important?

graduate college roadSo where did you get your degree from? Was it the best college in the state or was it the best in the country? There are so many students who diligently try to get in the topmost colleges and universities so that they have a great start to their career later on. Unfortunately, this is not always so, and all their dreams just blow up in smoke when they fail to get the job they want, despite the fact that their college accepts only the best of the best.

Do you know why this happens? Because hiring mangers do not consider college to be all that important. It is just the students who feel that their colleges and universities should be among the topmost reason for hiring, but recruiters do not have similar opinions.

Yes, your resume looks really cool when you mention your college on it, and it may even get you shortlisted. But as far as getting the job is concerned, you will have to do a lot more than just decorating your resume and cover letter with institutes where so many others aspire to be.

A recent survey confirms this fact and claims that only 9% of hiring mangers consider colleges to be very important in the hiring decision. If it isn’t always colleges that will impress them, what is it then? There have to be some other things that will motivate them to hire you.

The survey claims that 84% recruiters consider knowledge in the field a primary element and this is what they want to see when they interview candidates. 79% said applied skills in the field and 28% people gave their vote to college major.

The results of the survey went on to state that managers are not very concerned about the institutes from where they acquire their degree or of what type it is. During the interview, what they want is the contribution that the candidates can make to their organization and the manner in which they can use their skills to help the employers in achieving their goals.

So now you know what interviewers look for during an interview. When you next appear at one, make sure you convince the recruiting manager you are perfect for the position and demonstrate your skills to him. Good luck.


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